Dream of Self Discovery

I would like to introduce this video of Self discovery by using a quote from the Master Teacher. He expresses the complete unreal nature of this dream sequence. You as an identity, asleep in a dream and the awakening that is going on, here and now.

"We are sharing the illuminate reality of the teachings of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, out of body, in eternity, out of time, speaking to you of the certainty that you are in a dream of separation from which He has awakened. This is an integrating of His awakened mind with your sleeping mind by which you will discover that you have been dreaming a dream of defensive self-containment in your effort to make real the apparent existence of this world, through your bodily identity, as somehow distinct from the single source of eternally-creating Life. So the Course in Miracles is the awakening of you from your dream of death." The Reality of Physical Resurrection ~Master Teacher

I encourage you to take a moment and really listen to what is being expressed in this video.

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