The Kingdom of God

What I love about A Course In Miracles is how simply Jesus makes the connection between ideas. The Kingdom of God, for me, was quite abstract and far away, yet as this next section will describe, it is actually Joy. That's an amazing idea in the way that something so vast "THE KINGDOM OF GOD!!!" can be explained as an experience of Joy.

"The Holy Spirit will always guide you truly, because your joy is His. This is His Will for everyone because He speaks for the Kingdom of God, which is joy. Following Him is therefore the easiest thing in the world, and the only thing that is easy, because it is not of the world. It is therefore natural. The world goes against your nature, being out of accord with God's laws. The world perceives orders of difficulty in everything. This is because the ego perceives nothing as wholly desirable. By demonstrating to yourself there is no order of difficulty in miracles, you will convince yourself that, in your natural state, there is no difficulty at all because it is a state of grace."

As I sit here looking at the idea of Joy as what the Kingdom of God is, I see how very often I have been willing to overlook my inheritance. The Kingdom is all around me all the time but through short sightedness and my unwillingness to allow for it to unfold, I miss it. I make up a kingdom and in so doing fence off Reality, what a crazy thing to do.

"…Consider the kingdom you have made and judge its worth fairly. Is it worthy to be a home for a child of God?"…No. "Does it protect his peace and shine love upon him?"…No. "Does it keep his heart untouched by fear, and allow him to give always, without any sense of loss?"…Definately not. Does it teach him that this giving is his joy, and that God Himself thanks him for his giving?"…Hmmm, no. "That is the only environment in which you can be happy. You cannot make it, any more than you can make yourself. It has been created for you, as you were created for it. God watches over His children and denies them nothing. Yet when they deny Him they do not know this, because they deny themselves everything. You who could give the Love of God to everything you see and touch and remember, are literally denying Heaven to yourself."

"I but do this to myself". When it first dawned on me as a real occurrence; that I could no longer blame someone "out there" for what was happening to me. It was such a revelation that I almost burst, mainly because I was already well into my own process and the fact that I could have missed something so "simple", it really blew my mind. There's noone out there! There really isn't anyone out there doing anything to me. God is Love and you are the Will of God, knowing God is remembering your Self.

"I call upon you to remember that I have chosen you to teach the Kingdom to the Kingdom. There are no exceptions to this lesson, because the lack of exceptions is the lesson. Every Son who returns to the Kingdom with this lesson in his heart has healed the Sonship and given thanks to God. Everyone who learns this lesson has become the perfect teacher, because he has learned it of the Holy Spirit." ACIM ~ The State of Grace

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