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Whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die. Believest thou this?
I say unto you, The hour is coming, and now is, when the dead shall hear the voice of the Son of God: and they that hear shall live.
Verily, verily, I say unto you, If a man keep my saying, he shall never see death.

Teach not that I died in vain. Teach rather that I did not die by demonstrating that I live in you. For the undoing of the crucifixion of God's Son is the work of the redemption, in which everyone has a part of equal value.

You have nailed yourself to a cross, and placed a crown of thorns upon your own head. Yet you cannot crucify God's Son, for the Will of God cannot die.

His Son has been redeemed from his own crucifixion, and you cannot assign to death whom God has given eternal life.

The dream of crucifixion still lies heavy on your eyes, but what you see in dreams is not reality.

When you are tempted to yield to the desire for death, remember that I did not die.

You will realize that this is true when you look within and see me.

Would I have overcome death for myself alone? And would eternal life have been given me of the Father unless he had also given it to you?

My brother, child of our Father, this is a dream of death.

There is no funeral, no dark altars, no grim commandments nor twisted rituals of condemnation to which the body leads you.

Ask not release from the body. But free it from the merciless and unrelenting orders you laid upon it, and forgive it what you ordered it to do. In its exaltation you commanded it to die, for only death could conquer life. And what but insanity could look upon the defeat of God, and think it real?

You think that death is of the body. Yet it is but an idea, irrelevant to what is seen as physical. A thought is in the mind.

Everything is accomplished through life, and life is of the mind and in the mind. The body neither lives nor dies, because it cannot contain you who are life. If we share the same mind, you can overcome death because I did.

Do you really want to be in hell? Do you really want to weep and suffer and die? For death is total. Either all things die, or else they live and cannot die. No compromise is possible.

There is no death because what God created shares His life.

There is no death because an opposite to God does not exist.

There is no death because the Father and the Son are one.

What would you see without the fear of death? What could you feel and think if death held no attraction for you?

Very simply, you would remember your father. The Creator of life, the Source of everything that lives, the Father of the universe and of the universe of universes, and of everything that lies even beyond them would you remember.

Swear not to die, you holy Son of God! You made a bargain that you cannot keep. The Son of Life cannot be killed. He is immortal as his Father. What he is cannot be changed. He is the only thing in all the universe that must be one.

This is your holy instant of eternal life.

And so each instant given unto God in passing, with the next one given Him already, is a time of your release from sadness, pain and death itself.

God holds your futures as He holds your past and present. They are one to Him, and so they should be one to you. Past, present and future are not continuous, unless you force continuity on them.

Yet in this world, the temporal progression still seems real. And so your are not asked to understand the lack of sequence really found in time. You are but asked to let the future go, and place it in God's Hands.

Now is the time of salvation, for now is the release from time. Now do we wait in quiet. God is here, because we wait together. I am sure that He will speak to you, and you will hear. Accept my confidence, for it is yours.

Our minds are joined. We wait with one intent; to hear our Father's answer to our call, to let our thoughts be still and find His peace, to hear Him speak to us of what we are, and to reveal Himself unto His Son.

"This day, my Father, would I spend with You, as You have chosen all my days should be. And what I will experience is not of time at all. The joy that comes to me is not of days nor hours, for it comes from Heaven to Your Son. This day will be Your sweet reminder to remember You. Your gracious calling to Your holy Son, the sign Your grace has come to me, and that it is Your Will I be set free today."

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