Introduction To Forgiveness and A Course In Miracles

This is the introduction to Forgiveness and A Course In Miracles. When I was on my knees, completely bereft of any solution, and crying out to God for some fragment of hope, what occurred in me was a profound lifting of the guilt that I had placed upon myself. It was then that I realized that forgiveness is for me.

When you see that you are the one that benefits from forgiving, it wouldn't occur to you not to. How do you forgive? Let it go. Forgive and forget is the statement but the experience will show you, even though you will still get pissed off, that in the very next moment you can’t remember what the grievance was about. That’s a miracle.

So, in all your relationships, the one thing you did which was completely unforgivable has been replaced by a miracle healing of your mind. By the Grace of God you have forgiven yourself and in that forgiveness is all the world set free, along with you.

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