Introduction To God And A Course In Miracles

This is an introduction to God and A Course In Miracles. "Know Thy Self" is one of the most common statements one can come across in their personal search for meaning, in this world. If God, however you define that, is the Source of everything then surely He can’t be too hard to find. Yet why does He seem so elusive? Maybe He isn't hiding, you are.

A Course In Miracles and God are actually synonymous. I would like to bring together in a simple format all that encompasses the idea of God from a universal experience, which is expressed in a myriad of voices and A Course In Miracles.

At present, 99% of the world's population has never heard of A Course In Miracles, yet everyone in their own way are searching for God, whether they know it or not. For in the end, your Self is all you are going to find. This WILL be your home coming. This WILL be the instant of time it took for you to see that you are and have always been forever at Home in God.

God is a fact and you are Gods Son. To know the Source of all Reality truly is to Know Thy Self. And as you experience the Will of God as what your total freedom is, then the Kingdom of God will and is restored to you in its entirety. The Source of all the universe is a God of Love and you are not, nor could you ever be, separate from that.

What a relief!

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