Introduction to Fear and A Course In Miracles

This is an introduction to the idea of fear and how looking on your darkest fears is actually what takes you beyond fear. That WILL be an experience.

The Course will tell us that we are not actually afraid of being fearful, and that we actually like being scared. Just look at the movies that we watch or some of the things we do in our spare time: riding huge waves, jumping out of planes and so on. The thing that really frightens us, deep down, is actually Love.

There is nothing to fear, but if you really knew that, panic and anxiety would never even occur to you.

A Course In Miracles is about the removal of the blocks to the awareness of Loves presence. And you only have two emotions, love and fear. Any state that is not perfectly loving is fear, the removal of which brings about a state of Peace which passeth understanding. This state is an experience that will show you the Truth: There really is not now, nor has there ever been, anything in all the world to fear.

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