Introduction to Healing and A Course In Miracles

This is an introduction to Healing and A Course In Miracles. For me, personally, my healing was more of a "by product" of the miracle of my transformation and my inability to die. You could say it was a quantum healing in the sense that if I couldn't die, it seemed a little pointless being sick.

The power to heal is given you and the act of being a healer is what your function in time is. By the healing light of Christ, which over looks all forms of sickness, shows both the healer and the patient that a decision to be well has already been made within the Mind. That is how you heal.

All healing is personal healing. It is an opportunity, for one who has, to give to one who temporarily has less. So giving and receiving are experienced as simultaneous.

How to Heal? Decide sickness and suffering no longer have any value for you. And remember, "I can't. God Will, if I let Him".

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