Jesus is Speaking, Listen Pic

to you and to all of this world.


This is an invitation to a great experiment. Just for a moment, lay aside the prejudices of your human establishment and listen to these words with your heart. Listen again, and still again.

Just for a moment, let this simple message of truth and love be beyond all reason and see how quickly reason will follow as your mind opens to the joyful light of your reunion with the eternally creating mind of God.

Whoever you think you are, wherever you appear to be in the desperate sea of chaos that is this world, let the breath of this timeless voice of resurrected mind rekindle in you the ancient memory of your own perfect reality.

Now are you being called to fulfill the only purpose that ever could have been given for your own sojourn into this meaningless world of loneliness and death. That purpose is your escape from it through the message of salvation that is now in your hands.

He Is Risen

He Is Risen, Indeed!

I Love You >>

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