The Unhealed Healer

Healing is a natural aspect of transformation. And while the ability to heal is something that everyone has as part of who they really are, it's important to look at the Power of Belief in regards to being able to heal. Listen to what Jesus has to say in His Course In Miracles;

"The ego's plan for forgiveness is far more widely used than God's. This is because it is undertaken by unhealed healers, and IS therefore of the ego. Let us consider the unhealed healer more carefully now. By definition, he is trying to GIVE what he has NOT received. If he is a theologian, he may begin with the premise, "I am a miserable sinner, and so are you." If he is a psychotherapist, he is more likely to start with the equally incredible idea that HE really believes in attack, and so does the patient, but it does not matter in EITHER case.

We have repeatedly stated that beliefs of the ego CANNOT be shared, and THIS IS WHY THEY ARE NOT REAL. How, then, can UNCOVERING them MAKE them real? Every healer who searches fantasies for truth MUST be unhealed, because he DOES NOT KNOW WHERE TO LOOK FOR TRUTH, and therefore does not have the answer to the problem of healing. There IS an advantage to bringing nightmares into awareness, but ONLY to teach that they are NOT real, and that ANYTHING they contain is meaningless. The unhealed healer cannot DO this, because he does not BELIEVE it."ACIM ~ The Unhealed Healer

In the end all healing is just for you. The ACT of Forgiveness for what never really happened. It will happen in joining and never in separation.

"Healing is holy. Nothing in the world is holier than helping one who asks for help. And two come very close to God in this attempt, however limited, however lacking in sincerity. Where two have joined for healing, God is there. And He has guaranteed that He will hear and answer them in truth.They can be sure that healing is a process He directs, because it is according to His Will. We have His Word to guide us, as we try to help our brothers.Let us not forget that we are helpless of ourselves, and lean upon a Strength beyond our little scope for what to teach as well as what to learn." ACIM ~Psychotherapy: Purpose, Process and Practice

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