Introduction to Dreams and A Course In Miracles

This is an introduction to A Course In Miracles and dreams. Why is it that fantasy dreams are seen as more enjoyable or beneficial than a dream of fear? Surely they would be the same. A Course in Miracles teaches you will be given a "happy dream" from which you awaken, but it will still be just a dream.

You are the dreamer of the dream. In that sense you are the only one that needs to awaken. In this dream, of time and space, life and death and the myriad of different stories you can envisage yourself in, waking up is the only real thing you can do here. And now is the only time in which that can occur.

Why would you wait, in a dream of death and fear, when all of Heaven awaits your return? You have, in fact, gone past this dream and always and only ever reside where God would have you be. Sleep no more. The dream, the dreamer and the dreaming of the world lasted but an instant in eternity and had no effect at all upon the Mind of God’s one Son.

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