Peace of Mind

The Mind Training of Jesus' A Course In Miracles really changed me in quite a profound way. This article is looking at "peace of Mind" or "the peace of God" which is really the same thing. One of the early lessons "I am never upset for the reason I think " deals in a VERY practical way with the things that are "taking" your peace of mind from you. What it is actually doing is exposing the grievance, looking at it squarely, then questioning if that really is the reason that you have lost your peace of Mind.

Later on in The Course Jesus will express that ANYTHING that is not supremely happy is simply not real. He is completely uncompromising and completely unconcerned as to how much that bothers you. You either want peace or you want illusions, it's not hard but it is going to be up to you.

"To mean you want the peace of God is to renounce all dreams. For no-one means these words who wants illusions, and who therefore seeks the means which bring illusions. He has looked on them, and found them wanting. Now he seeks to go beyond them, recognizing that another dream would offer nothing more than all the others. Dreams are one to him. And he has learned their only difference is one of form, for one will bring the same despair and misery as do the rest.

The mind which means that all it wants is peace must join with other minds, for that is how peace is obtained. And when the wish for peace is genuine, the means for finding it is given in a form each mind which seeks for it in honesty can understand. Whatever form the lesson takes is planned for him in such a way that he can not mistake it if his asking is sincere. And if he asks without sincerity, there is no form in which the lesson will meet with acceptance and be truly learned." ACIM ~ I want the Peace of God

So there is some work to be done. Peace of Mind is not found alone and, when asked for sincerely, everything you need to find and keep His Peace will be available to you. The question would be "how badly to you want peace of mind?" Are you willing to look at the grievance and the rage in order to see that you are doing it to yourself?

As you begin to extend this new found peace everything around you changes. It changes because this IS a dream but now you are remembering the Single Mind you share with God and the Peace of Mind that comes from His Memory WILL make you very happy.

Please let me know if I can assist you with this.

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