Introduction to Eternity and A Course In Miracles

This is an introduction to Eternity/Time and A Course In Miracles. We all know that time is made up; it's an illusion. Yet the idea of eternity for most just seems to be a hell of a lot of time, which is exactly the opposite of eternity.

When we talk about "being in the present", or in "the now", we are actually talking about eternity. Eternity of the universe is all the time there is, which in fact, is only an instant. The human mind simply chops that instant up, sets it in a circle of birth, life, death and afterlife. Yet it’s all a single instant of time, experienced as life times.

The reason you need the light of the reasonability of the Mind training of A Course In Miracles is because you constantly sequence your time intervals. And you get sick and old and then you die. But the training or transformation of your mind will bring you into a new "time frame", one in which you can see that all time IS going on ALL THE TIME.

A Course In Miracles is replete with ideas about time and eternity. I hope this site will help to bring YOUR ideas about time into greater focus for you as you undergo this amazing transformation.

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